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Triona Stafford Therapies improving quality of life

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The EMMETT Technique
Relieving Discomfort
Improving Body Movement
Aiding Relaxation
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Triona Stafford Therapies
Providing therapies to reduce pain and increase comfort in your life.

I trained originally as nurse in 1990 and in the latter years I was busy lecturing and teaching. My journey into complementary therapy began in 2010 when I badly damaged my knee ligament. Physical therapy was not helping and when surgery was mentioned as an option I decided to do my own research. SCENAR therapy sounded promising but there was no therapist offering it so I ended up training as a therapist and happily treated my ligament successfully!

Sometime after that I was having balance issues on the basketball court and a friend did some EMMETT moves on me and astonishingly this made a massive difference. This spurred me on to train in this amazing technique and eventually the EMMETT Technique enabled me to enter into full time work as a therapist supporting people with restriction and discomfort.

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Client Testimonials

Pain in lower back and hip

I have attended Tríona Stafford Therapies, with a lot pain in lower back and hips, after a few visits the difference was unbelievable! The experience was really good, Triona makes you feel very relaxed and she really listens to how you are feeling. I would really recommend this treatment to anybody, Thank you,

Helena Gallagher 

Respiratory issues

Over the past no of years I have attended this lady’s highly professional service for a variety of ailments, namely back and leg pain and post respiratory issues(prior to COVID).
On each occasion I received a high standard of care coupled with medically grounded psycho education and large dollops of reassurance, which was badly needed!
While some positive outcomes took place over a period of time I had one experience where I was experiencing ongoing chest pain following a lengthy respiratory episode and I had immediate relief and started to feel better straight away.

The high levels of empathy, kindness and professionalism provided by this practitioner are to be recommended.

Roisin Dunn

Breast reduction scars

Triona treated my scarring following breast reduction surgery. There was a significant improvement in both the appearance and the thickness of my scars, which has also greatly improved their shape. I couldn’t be more delighted and would highly recommend this treatment following breast reduction surgery. 

Triona delivers her treatment with such professionalism and care, she is highly attuned to her Clients needs and puts you at ease from the first moment. I have heartily recommended Triona to friends and family.

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Emmett Technique Practitioners Course

Did you know that you could learn these amazing corrections on day 1 of the Practitioner Course

  • QL/12th Rib (Body Rotation)
  • Pirformis/TFL (Priformis and Glutes)
  • Illiacus/Oblique (Pelvis & Hips)
  • QL/12th Rib (Body Rotation)
  • Pirformis/TFL (Priformis and Glutes)
  • Illiacus/Oblique (Pelvis & Hips).

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