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As a committed physical therapist, I specialise in improving lives through enhanced movement and comfort, driven by a holistic well-being approach—from my nursing roots in 1990 to embracing complementary therapies like the EMMETT Technique and SCENAR therapy.

From Nurse to Therapist with EMMETT Technique

I originally trained as a nurse in 1990, and in the later years, I dedicated my time to lecturing and teaching. My journey into complementary therapy began in 2010 when I suffered a severe knee ligament injury. Traditional physical therapy yielded no results, and when surgery was suggested, I opted to conduct my own research. Discovering the potential of SCENAR therapy, I found no available therapists, prompting me to undergo training. Remarkably, I successfully treated my ligament.

Later, while facing balance issues on the basketball court, a friend applied EMMETT moves, bringing about a significant improvement. Intrigued, I pursued training in this remarkable technique, and it eventually empowered me to transition into full-time work as a therapist, aiding individuals dealing with restrictions and discomfort.

More recently, I expanded my expertise with training in McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release. Observing how scars impact movement and comfort levels, I am motivated by the profoundly positive changes my clients experience—swift pain reduction and improved mobility, often instantaneously. The synergy of the EMMETT Technique with my other approaches consistently surprises me, showcasing its capacity for remarkable results quickly and with minimal client discomfort.

On a daily basis, I look forward to all the possibilities EMMETT will bring to my clients, students and me.

I have such a wonderful variety of people who attend my clinic here in Letterkenny, from babies to bodybuilders and older individuals. They come for a variety of reasons, from a lady who wanted to be able to kneel at Mass to the runner experiencing a lot of pain and restriction in his calves. However, basketball is no longer a possibility as those EMMETT fingers are way too precious!

I am delighted that I am now part of the International Instructor teaching team for EMMETT Technique. I have the privilege of being the only Instructor for EMMETT Technique here in Ireland and Northern Ireland.


Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, Ireland.


083 3024254

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