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Pain in lower back and hip

I have attended Tríona Stafford Therapies, with a lot pain in lower back and hips, after a few visits the difference was unbelievable! The experience was really good, Triona makes you feel very relaxed and she really listens to how you are feeling. I would really recommend this treatment to anybody, Thank you,

Helena Gallagher   

Respiratory issues

Over the past no of years I have attended this lady’s highly professional service for a variety of ailments, namely back and leg pain and post respiratory issues(prior to COVID).
On each occasion I received a high standard of care coupled with medically grounded psycho education and large dollops of reassurance, which was badly needed!
While some positive outcomes took place over a period of time I had one experience where I was experiencing ongoing chest pain following a lengthy respiratory episode and I had immediate relief and started to feel better straight away.

The high levels of empathy, kindness and professionalism provided by this practitioner are to be recommended.

Roisin Dunn  

Breast reduction scars

Triona treated my scarring following breast reduction surgery. There was a significant improvement in both the appearance and the thickness of my scars, which has also greatly improved their shape. I couldn’t be more delighted and would highly recommend this treatment following breast reduction surgery. 

Triona delivers her treatment with such professionalism and care, she is highly attuned to her Clients needs and puts you at ease from the first moment. I have heartily recommended Triona to friends and family.


Shoulder and neck pain

Triona is incredibly skilled. I suffered terribly from shoulder and neck pain for years and had tried lots of different therapy and pain relief. I was totally converted to the Emmet Technique after my first visit to Triona. The immediate relief from paint and discomfort was incredible and my long-standing pain is all but gone. After completing a one-day course with Triona I can now treat any occasional recurrence during times of stress myself. 

Claire Mc Donagh  

Dupuytren’s Contracture 

I was attending Triona for back pain, which she treated successfully. She noticed the way my fingers were pulled into a bent position and offered to treat this. I was really surprised she could do anything with this as I had attended the doctor and was recommended surgery for Dupuytren’s Contracture. As I work with my hands surgery was something I really wanted to avoid. Also I work for myself so time off for recovery was something I couldn’t really afford.

Triona treated the tissue that was like a thick cord under the skin, with minimal discomfort. Unbelievable after a few treatments I could now straighten out my fingers. I cannot be happier and so pleased she noticed my hand because I never would have believed she could have helped me.


Back pain

“After a fall I suffered severe back pain for months before a relative suggested I see Triona. After two visits my back was cured.  Such a relief!  The whole experience was far more pleasant than I had expected: no strenuous exercising, just gentle massaging and manipulation and a laugh with Triona.  She has a way of putting people at ease.  I highly recommend her for anybody looking for physical therapy”.

Nick Griffiths  

Knee Pain

“Attended Triona due to historical pain in my knee. My other knee already had surgery on it. The pain had been keeping me up at night and I was on heavy painkillers, it was suggested by an acquaintance that I should give Triona’s therapy a go and I am glad I did. Thank god have been pain free after a few sessions. Been nearly a year now and still good. Thanks Triona, a lifesaver and saved a fortune on painkillers. Cheers!”

Paul Houston  


“Before being recommended to Triona Stafford Therapies I was in constant pain with fibromyalgia. The pain was impacting on almost every aspect of my daily life. I had flare ups and exercise was out of the question. It is very hard to find non- invasive treatment for sufferers of fibromyalgia and hidden pain. Triona is able to establish treatment according to pain levels and soreness on the day and in a relaxed, calm and friendly way. I attend Triona on a regular basis and am now able to walk my dog as I have less pain and more energy.

I would highly recommend anyone suffering with pain to give Triona Stafford Therapies a visit. What a blessing to have been introduced to Triona”. 

Heather Walsh   

Tendinitis and frozen shoulder

“Had suffered from tendinitis and frozen shoulder. Been in unbearable pain 24/7, got no relief. Very restricted with movement and arm would go into spasm. Had injections in the bone and painkillers but nothing worked. Wasn’t sleeping I was exhausted. My friend suggested to give Triona and the Emmett Therapy a try as nothing else was helping. After my first session I was able to lift my arm and slept for the first time, couldn’t believe it!  After a few sessions with Triona the improvement was amazing. I am now pain free and have full movement back in both shoulders. I also went to Triona for help with migraines. I always felt great and refreshed after a session with Triona. Would highly recommend Triona.”

Siobhan O’ Connell  


“My personal experience attending Triona for treatment has been excellent; phoning her up over the years in the knowledge that she will be able to help me, and I have greatly benefited from Triona’s professional expertise.  I would recommend her highly without hesitation.

She is a caring and empathetic health practitioner that is truly interested in the recovery and wellness of her client. 

With every treatment I have had with Triona, she has provided me with her immense skill in treating my pain, her wicked sense of humour and the determination to take what time is needed or do whatever is needed with me to make me well again.  I am forever grateful”. 


Shoulder and hip pain

“My name is Teresa.  I have attended Triona for treatment several times.  My experience has been just fantastic and I felt so so much better afterwards. 

I have suffered for years with sore shoulders and hips. I suppose as a chef I've been on my feet for long hours, so lots of wear and tear. Triona sees at once where the pain is and miraculously gives relief and great advice.

I would recommend several treatments to get the full benefit of Triona’s amazing abilities.  A wonderful experience and great relief.

Go raibh maith agat Triona.💜❤😎😍😘”

Theresa Friel  

Body and mind

“I have been under Triona’s care for two years now, someone highly recommend Tríona to me, and I was not disappointed, she’s kind caring gentle and full of knowledge of the human body and mind! 

What’s nice is Tríona is great fun to be around so makes u feel at ease instantly, I’d now also highly recommend her to help release tension in the body and mind. Regards Aisling”


Pain relief

“I have attended Tríona on various occasions for EMMETT therapy, most especially for pain relief.  EMMETT is a gentle, non-invasive approach to pain relief which I have found to be very effective and efficient in resolving muscular pain with immediate noticeable effect.  I have benefited significantly in many ways from EMMETT methodologies and have been amazed by the positive results, I leave each session feeling rejuvenated!  Tríona is an excellent practitioner and I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending her to anyone who would like to experience EMMETT therapy.”

Brid Curran  

Persistent cough

“I had a persistent unpleasant cough and tried various conventional treatments, in vain.  It was suggested that l attend Tríona Stafford therapies.   I am delighted to report that after a couple of treatment sessions with Tríona my cough has gone completely. I would highly recommend these therapies to anyone.” 


Knee pain

“I had been experiencing pain in my left knee for some time. Although I don't like taking medication, it was coming to the point that I didn't have a choice and when the pain got really bad I would reach for anti-inflammatories.

One day while attending the Letterkenny Food Festival I was finding the pain extremely intense and my intention was to go to the chemist on the way home for anything that would ease my discomfort.

To my surprise while walking around the stalls I came across Triona giving short treatments. I watched for a while and everyone who attended her seemed to walk away with a positive experience. I decided I would give it a go, what would be the harm. Triona would use very light non-invasive techniques while watching my posture and  keeping an eye on my balance.

To be honest I thought this can't be doing anything she's barley touching me, however I left there that day in much less pain and never went near the chemist!

I have since attended Triona in her clinic and continue to feel the benefits.          I would highly recommend Triona to anyone.”

Lisa Laverty   

Back and leg pain

“I attended Triona for pain I was experiencing in my back and leg, it was starting to affect me quite badly on a daily basis. After two sessions I was more or less pain free. I was surprised how quickly the treatments worked and with little discomfort to me. I now continue to attend with Triona for maintenance.”

Micheal Doherty  

Sciatic pain

“I had the most awful sciatic pain imaginable. I couldn’t eat, sleep, walk, sit. It was horrendous. I went to the GP, Physio, it got so bad I ended up in A&E, they gave me an injection. It made no difference what I tried. To honest I only went to Triona on the recommendations of a family member and was getting so desperate I would have tried anything.

I could barely walk into Triona’s clinic, in fact I used crutches. Just 35 minutes later I walked out of there pain free carrying the crutches. My wife was waiting for me, she couldn’t believe it either. I work for myself so keeping my-self pain free and flexible is very important or I just can’t work. Go see this girl if you have a pain, that’s where I go if and when I need too ”

Peter Mc Bride  

Foot pain

“I would like to thank Tríona for helping my daughter aged 10. We went to Tríona as she had a very sore foot, it was causing her a lot of pain and discomfort. I found Tríona very professional and caring, my daughter found her very kind and feel very comfortable during her treatment. She is pain free again. I would highly recommend Tríona to my family and friends and will definitely return again if needed.”

Roisin Mc Glinchey  

Generalised back, neck, shoulder, wrist pain

I attended Triona Stafford during 2020 with generalised back, neck, shoulder and wrist pain. She used 'The Emmet technique' to alleviate pain, reduce stiffness and improve joint mobility. I found the treatment worked very well and l got significant relief. Triona was very professional and put me totally at ease and l would highly recommend her to others.        

Anne Marie Rowan  

Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, Ireland.


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